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Hasbro Forza 4 On The Fly

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Bounce them inside to win! The Forza 4 Shots game provides quick and easy fun in a race to line up 4 shots! Count to start: 1-2-3 … bounce! Two players bounce the brightly colored and lightweight balls within the grid, trying to fill the holes in the grid vertically, horizontally or diagonally, when one player lines up 4 of the same color wins the game! At this point the game is over, fold the grid into the practical case.

Fantastic game for children
The Forza 4 Shots game combines the Forza 4 game with the excitement of competition and speed. Two players at a time compete to line up 4 balls of their color to win. It’s easy to play and super exciting as players keep bouncing the balls across the grid blazing fast. If the players bounced all the balls on the grid but didn’t get a row of 4, bounce the orange playoff ball to determine the winner. 2 player game. Plus, kids can practice on their own and train for future Forza 4 Shots matches.

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Exciting activity for rainy days, birthdays and more
The Forza 4 Shots game can be the perfect activity to get kids moving, as they have to get up and play in a structured way. It’s easy to set up and play, making it a great fun game for rainy days or cold winter days. Plus, it’s a wonderful indoor party game.

Great gift for kids and families
Looking for an out of the box gift for kids? Bring the game Forza 4 Shots. Kids 8 and older can have a blast playing with this twist on the Forza 4 game. Parents, grandparents and babysitters will love that it’s easy to set up and play. And the grid is foldable, simply fold it back into the case when everyone is done playing.

– Exciting game for kids
– Fast and competitive excitement
– Make children get up and move
– Easy to store


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