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Precious toys


Pikmi Pops Mega Pack

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Pikmi Pops Mega Pack and the surprises never end. New set with 6 balls inside containing many surprises. 3 different models. Discover them all. Taste Strawberry, Blueberry or Pumpkin Pie? Find the special Huskies included in the box. Included: 6 scented plush animals, 6 balls, 6 plush strings, 6 secret messages, many surprises. Included: 6 scented plush animals 6 spheres 6 cords for plush toys 6 secret messages many surprises ATTENTION: the product is available in various colors and / or models. We are unable to offer a particular model / color. By confirming the purchase, you will receive one of the colors or models depending on availability without the possibility of choosing.


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